Bruce Hartpence

May your packets always reach their destinations.

I have been a member of the RIT faculty since 1998. The majority of my time is spent on networking and I live in the lab most days.

I also write for O'Reilly. Details about these books can be reached from the menu. Videos I did for O'Reilly can be found on the Safari site.

I run a youtube channel for fun but there are also a lot of content that support the book chapters. Video playlists have their own menu.

My current work is with software defined networking, neural networks and the fabulous IEEE 1910.1 Meshed Tree project.

I try to keep things updated so check back. My contact information is below.

New for 2019: More GENI stuff to come and neural networks!

Just for fun, here is a list of the classes I commonly teach:

NSSA 244 Virtualization - This class takes a full stack approach to virtualization. So, virtual networking needed to support the virtual infrastructure (tunnels, aggregation, VLANs, trunks, RSTP), virtual computing (type I and II hypervisors, VDI, virtualization history, containers) and then on to storage with some architectures and iSCSI. As usual, almost everything listed gets built in the lab.

NSSA 441 Advanced Routing and Switching
- This class builds on what students learn in the first Routing and Switching class. After a little review we tackle advanced OSPF, BGP, link aggregation, L2TP, MPLS and route summarization. All of these have lab builds.

NSSA 621 Wireless Network Design and Deployment - This class focuses current technologies that are deployed (think 802.11 and cellular) and investigates the design issues associated with these networks. We also examine other "smaller" technologies such as WiMax and 802.15.

NSSA 241 Routing and Switching - This is a wired networking class and so will have components from 351 and 515 described below. So, expect IP, IPv6, ARP, ICMP, switching, VLANs and routing. Both the Packet Guide to Core Network Protocols and the Packet Guide to Routing and Switching fit these topics. This class has a lab component.

NSSA 242 Wireless Networking
- This is our intro wireless networking class and is based on the 802.11 family of standards. This class maps to the 413/523 of the quarter system, covering protocol operation, framing, network builds, capture of wireless frames, the various standards and newer architectures such as the controller based model. This class has a lab component.

NSSA 341 - Intro to VoIP - This is a class that provides the knowledge and lab experiences to build traditional and future voice networks. It covers circuit switching and small tip and ring deployments. Transitioning to VoIP, students will learn about protocols such as H.323, SIP, Skinny, RTP and RTCP. Lab activities include the construction of Asterisk, Avaya and Cisco based topologies. The Packet Guide to Voice over IP was written for these topics.

NSSA 342 - VoIP Qos and Security
- This class follows NSSA 341. This class is all about trying to understand the inner workings of a network, developing strategies to control traffic, improve performance and lock things down so that networks are more secure. Specific topics include items such as Differentiated Services, SRTP, Secure SIP and queuing.

Bruce Hartpence
bldg. 70 GCCIS, RIT
152 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester 14623