Bruce Hartpence

May your packets always reach their destinations.

I do quite a bit of training for industry in the areas of wired and wireless networking, including VoIP. The training programs have been offered both at RIT and on-site at the company. The goal is to provide the training in such as way as to minimize the impact on the business, save costs and provide some solid hands on exercises. A feedback loop is also incorporated.

The most sucessful programs have included a development phase in which the customer and I spend some time going over the desired topics. Thus the program is custom made for the company.

Program Details

The facilities at RIT are extensive and provide an excellent environment for study and training. When at RIT, the sessions run in the same networking labs used for graduate and undergraduate studies. The basic problems associated with typical training programs include; high cost, travel, hotels, separation from work and family and the training course itself. It is not uncommon for these programs to be run over several days and for 8 hours each of those days. So the big question becomes the retention rate.

The RIT network training programs are custom built for the company after topic and idea exchange. The sessions run over eight weeks, one day per week. This allows "soak time" for the material which is bolstered by mid-week quizzes and online study materials. A review process is also used to assess the success of the program and provide a feedback loop.

To date, the following programs have been developed: Network Level I, Network Level II, Wireless, .NET and Interface Design. Feel free to contact me for more information.



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