This page contains material designed to support students in their coursework and folks looking for more material connected to Packet Guide chapters. Check back periodically as I am trying to add stuff on a regular basis. One of my goals is to provide a packet repository.

Packet Guide to Voice Over IP

Chapter 1 - Introduction to VoIP

Activity 2 - SIP capture file

Activity 2 - H.323 capture file

Activity 2 - Skinny capture file

Activity 5 uses the same files.

Chapter 2 - Traditional Telephony

You do not need to download files for this chapter's activities.

Chapter 3 - SIP

Activity 2 - SIP capture file #1 - side

Activity 2 - SIP capture file #2 - side

Activities 3, 4 and 5 use the same files.

Chapter 4 - RTP

All activities will use the same files. Remember that with RTCP there are multiple headers...

From 111-1111: Activities-h323-111-1111

From 111-2222: Activities-h323-111-2222

Chapter 5 - Codecs

Hello audio file: hello.mp3

I use Audacity for most of my audio work - it is a powerful tool and free.

Chapter 6 - H.323

Activities 1-4: Activity-6-1-4-111-1111.pcap

Activities 1-4: Activity-6-1-4-111-2222.pcap

Activities 5: Activity-6-5-polycom-h323.pcap

Note: Since the H.323 Avaya configuration used tunneling, I've included the Polycom H.323 capture which does a better job of depicting H.245.

Chapter 7 - Skinny

Phone registration: phone1-registration.pcap

Skinny Source Side: skinny-source-end.pcap

Skinny Receiver Side: skinny-receiver-end.pcap

Activity 5 files - These are for the large topology build and contain captures for all three networks. network: 2cme-1-network.pcap network: 2cme-2-network.pcap network: 2cme-3-network.pcap

Packet Guide to Routing and Switching

Chapter 1 - Intro to Routing and Switching:

Chapter 2 - Host Routing:

Chapter 3 - Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Chapter 4 - VLANs and Trunks

Part 1:

Part 2:

Chapter 5 - RIP

Part 1:

Part 2:

Chapter 6 - OSPF

Part 1:

Packet Guide to Core Network Protocols

Intro to Networking video:

Chapter 1 - Models

video part I:

video part II:

Chapter 2 - Ethernet

video part I:

video part II:

Chapter 3 - IP

video part I:

video part II:

Chapter 4 - ARP


Chapter 5 - Equipment

Chapter 6 - ICMP


capture file: icmp.pcap

Chapter 7 - Masking


Chapter 8 - IPv6

video: Part I - Topology build:

video: Part II - Topology build:

video: Part III - Addressing:

video: Part IV - Addressing:

video: Part V - EUI-64:

video: ICMPv6 -

Packet of the Week

There are too many of these to list but here is the youtube playlist: