This page identifies the work that I am personally involved in and the work I am doing with graduate students, undergraduate research and industry. It also lists past projects like the Chicken Protocol.

IEEE 1910

We have recently formed an official IEEE working group. We are working on the meshed tree protocol which seeks to improve network convergence times over that of the Rapid Spanning Tree protocol. Website:

Virtualization and Software Defined Networks

Hypervisors, OpenFlow and Controllers oh my! Lots of fun going on here. Right now I'm setting up a variety of Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisors whic will be deployed in the lab - right now they're in my office. :) These will be combined with the routed topology. The routed topology is being used to gather netflow data. The next piece will be the addition of the virtual topology that uses virtual switches (ovs) and controllers to connect everything together.

Packet of the Week


Archive Playlist:

I made a bunch (they are in their own playlist) and will be making more soon. Each one poses a question and I post the solution a week or so later. Happy packets!


The Chicken Protocol

This deserves some explanation...earlier this year, because I love packets and write about them, I thought I would start making some techie and educational videos. The chicken is a little longer story but it goes back to my bootcamp days and some very clever students in my wireless security class. So, the original youtube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account were all named for this protocol. Some students and I even had some fun making videos about this goofy thing:

But, it was an inside joke and most folks didn't understand what it had to do with anything. So, I have converted over to my own pages and copied the content. All new stuff will be on the Bruce Hartpence rather than the Chicken Protocol pages. :( Was fun for a while though...