The following is a mix of the papers I written over the last couple of years. Some are presented at conferences and some are technical reports or whitepapers. Abstracts are usually available online but for more information you can simply contact me directly. In addition to all of this stuff, I write a lot of course content, training manuals and other teaching materials. These days I spend most of my writing time on books for O'Reilly, new chapters and creating instructional videos.

Natural Selection in Virtualization Environments: A Decade of Lessons from Academia, EISTA '13

Designing, Constructing and Implementing a Low-Cost Virtualization Cluster for Education, EISTA '13

Wegmans and RIT: A Case Study in Industrial/Academic Collaboration, EISTA '11

Global Crossing Whitepaper: Utilization of Netflow Data to Track and Identify the Location of botnet bot masters

Global Crossing Whitepaper: Strengthening BGP and User Data Security Using Flow Analysis

A Reexamination of Network Address Translation Security, SAM’10

QoS Content and Experiences for IT, Networking and Security Programs, SIGITE’09

Curricular Response to the Real Time Data and VoIP Tidal Wave, CCSCNE’07

Technical Report: Industrial Training Program

Throughput Study: Safenet and Cisco

Teaching Wireless Security for Results, SIGITE’05

Wireless Carts: An Ideal Platform for Wireless Coursework and Research, SIGITE’05

VKSF515 Lab Manual 2004/2005/2006, Hartpence, Perez-Hardy

VKSF342 Lab Manual, 2002, 2003, 2004, Hartpence, Perez-Hardy

Technical Report: A Robust Framework for Secure Connectivity and Roaming Over Serverless, Wireless Networks, Hartpence, Hui

A Networking and System Administration Laboratory Infrastructure To Support High Traffic Environments, CITC3, Leone, Weber, Hartpence, 2002

Laboratory Exploration of Next Generation Wireless Network Security, CITC3, 2002