This book contains the building blocks of all IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It includes detailed discussions on Masking, Ethernet, ARP, ICMP, IPv4, IPv6, equipment, networking models, UDP, TCP and IPv6. All the Packet Guide books immerse the student into the topologies and packets used for networking operations. Resources It is available in both print and electronic versions from all of your favorite outlets. More information can be found at O'Reilly.

Packet Guide to Core Network Protocols

Intro to Networking video:

Chapter 1 - Models

video part I:

video part II:

Extra vid with protocol distribution:

Chapter 2 - Ethernet

video part I:

video part II:

Chapter 3 - IP

video part I:

video part II:

Chapter 4 - ARP


Chapter 5 - Equipment

Chapter 6 - ICMP


capture file: icmp.pcap

Chapter 7 - Masking


link to O'Reilly webcast:

Chapter 8 - IPv6

video: Part I - Topology build:

video: Part II - Topology build:

video: Part III - Addressing:

video: Part IV - Addressing:

video: Part V - EUI-64:

video: ICMPv6 -

Chapter 9 - TCP

video: Part I -

video: Part II -

Chapter 10 - UDP


video: Port Scans -

video: DHCP -

Packet of the Week

There are too many of these to list but here is the youtube playlist: